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Friday, June 20, 2014

June Flock Ride

Fri 6.20 18m
Started with dinner at Conflict Kitchen and then joined the June Pittsburgh BIke Party (Flock Ride) at Dippy. A nice group as always, perhaps slightly smaller - maybe 28, 30 riders. An excellent route, sort of through the East End and winding its way to Regent Square and Frick Park.

MM took this picture, I think it contrasts the relative strength of several tail lights. The very bright one is a Design Shine.

This was a really nice flock, a great group, tremendous sound track, a very cool vibe. Did not stay for the post-ride picnic. Instead, departed via Tranquil Trail, Nine Mile Run Trail, Duck Hollow Trail, a bit of sketchy-hobo portage across a few railroad tracks, Second Ave through Homewood and Junction Hollow Trail back to Schenley Quad.

I really look forward to some eventual connection of the northwest end of Duck Hollow Trail to the Alomono property and the Jail Trail, that will be an awesome corridor along that side of the Mon River just like the Sandcastle-KeystoneMetals segment has opened up StationSquare to Duquesne on the other side of the Mon.

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