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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bike Challenge Day One: Anchor Man

5/1/2014 21m
May 1st. First Day of the National Bike Challenge. First datapoint in the Pittsburgh-Cleveland bike rivalry. May Day. History will show, I presume, which is more significant.

Rode with K. today. Started at the Bastille, rode to SouthSide. Met S. Encountered Frank and then Marko. Great to see everybody.

Rode out to the Eagle's Nest. A kind cyclist handed us binoculars so we could see an eagle. Returned and stopped at Big Dog Coffee, because: Big Dog Coffee. Rode around the Southside to Thick Bikes, picked up a rear-view mirror for the bike K is riding (which they installed). Got to congratulate AH on his Crush-The-Commonwealth success. So much awesome.

Back across the Ft. Pitt and the Ft. Duquesne bridges, and back to the Bastille. 21 miles.

Got home, went online, checked my standing in the local mileage roster. #AnchorMan: not just somebody on television news.

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