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Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Closeout

5.31.2014 27m #222
Great day for a ride. Rode from the Bastille down to the PumpHouse, back to Big Dog Coffee with MC, then back to the Bastille. Lots of folks out on the trails, including a major group fundraising walk around the Hot Metal Bridge.

Today's ride was made possible by Vitamin Z (zirtec). There was some sort of pollen or allergen in the air, I'd been coughing from it by a Zirtec kept it in check.

Jan 2014: 315 miles/month, YTD 315 miles.
Feb 2014: 280 miles/month, YTD 595 miles
Mar 2014: 538 miles/month, YTD 1133 miles
April 2014: 537 miles/month, YTD 1670 miles
May 2014: 811 miles/month, YTD 2481 miles.

Projection: 2481 miles/115 days so far= 16.43 miles/day.
16.43 miles/day * 365= 5997 miles/year

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