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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bioswales and Permeable Sidewalks Who Knew?

5.25.2014 26m
Rode to meet H at the 40th Street Bridge. Got there early, took a bike nap for a while.

Met D at the Smithfield St. Bridge, rode out to see the eagles and were treated to a few loops of the female flying around.

Stopped at the Green Front Inn, Southside, for a meal. The Yelp review said,

Friendly, divey, cheap and delicious. I paid $22.55 plus tip to feed 3 people. A great deal. Nothing fancy here, but you'll get good service and a good meal. Portion sizes were great and everything tasted fantastic.
and they are exactly right. Completely different from their open-air next door neighbor, the Green Front Inn had great food, generous portions, reasonable prices; a great dive meal.

Crossed the Hot Metal Bridge, around the Chute, and in Four Mile Run H. showed me something I've passed by a hundred times and never apprehended: a bioswale and permeable sidewalk demo outside the Operating Engineers Local 95 property on Saline Street. (ok: bioswale, Saline Street? can't make that up).

Rode up Junction Hollow, saw a young man taking a bike nap but you really can't take pictures of strangers taking naps - that just seems a bit skeevy-strange. Rode Ellsworth out to East Liberty, where H and I parted ways. Coming back on Penn I saw an updated version of the Spak Brothers Pizza mural up on their wall:

Descended through the Cemetery, across the 40th Street Bridge, ended at Millvale. A very nice ride, with friends I hadn't ridden with before.

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