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Monday, May 19, 2014

My New Crank

5.19.2014 24m 221#
It happens after years and years; what was once hard and reliable becomes a bit soft and troublesome. I My bike needed a new crank.

Went to ThickBikes and they took good care of me us my bike. They put on a new crank after actually asking, What size is your crank? hah hah hah hah. As if.

Had to take it for a test ride. Drove over to Southside Riverfront Park, parked next to a car with the Best. License Plate. Ever.

As I was putting my panniers on my bike, the cyclist who owned the car arrived so I introduced myself and asked about the license plate. Turns out, the rider is Peggy, the founder of Triangle Bike Rentals and now the leader of a weekly retiree group ride CyclePath2000. I was glad to meet her, her business was way out in front in terms of recognizing Pittsburgh bike development.

Rode out to the south-east. Met FrankB on one of his two Rivendells and we rode together to the Riverton Bridge, where I turned around. Stopped at REI for minor geegaws. 24 miles on a real pretty day.

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