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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Escort Duty

4.27.2014 48m #220
A magnificent day for riding. The plan of the day was to accompany a few transient riders out of the nav puzzle that is Pittsburgh as they begin their Pgh-to-DC bike trip.

K and I started riding at the Bastille, took this photo near the dockmaster's koi pond:

We hit Point State Park, rode through the Convention Center and over to the Amtrak Station. The visitors weren't there yet so we made off to the Strip District and Enrico Biscotti for - well, for biscotti and espresso which was wonderful. Back to Amtrak, waited with S.

The two travelling cyclists (Sandie and Brandon) arrived and unboxed their bikes, loaded up their panniers etc. The Amtrak boxed-bike experience worked real well for them. We reversed and rode under the Convention Center (such a nice transition) and out to Point State Park, then Blvd of the Allies to Grant St. and the Jail Trail. Picked up their cousin on a rental bike at Golden Triangle Rentals.

Jail Trail, Hot Metal Bridge for the obligatory photo op, Sandcastle, Pump House where S reversed; Duquesne where the cousin reversed; McKeesport and then across to Port Vue, where K and I reversed after pointed the intrepid cyclists to the Durabond Bypass.

We made good time coming back, and stopped at OTB for a meal. Very good food. Got back to the Bastille and the vehicle as the sun was thinking about setting, so the timing was good. 48 miles, a nice day's ride and an impressive showing by K.

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