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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Contrived Opportunistic Logistics Ride; The Bridge We Deserve

5.27.2014 219# 51m
Today's ride was a bit of opportunistic logistics; my progeny was supposed to go back to school Monday evening for a Tuesday morning class, and I suggested: Hey, stay at home and I'll drive you up early Tuesday morning while you sleep in the car, and then I'll ride my bike back.

It's sort of like the guy who owns a pickup truck and faux-regrettably agrees to help people move. He wants to help them move, he needs to help them move, and - in fact - it's an act of kindness to allow him to participate in your move. Same thing here; sure, honey, Dad-ums will drop you off and then ride my bike back maniacal laugh BWA-HA-HA-HA whatever you need, I'm here for you.

Anyway, the ground track ended up looking like this:

Stopped in Ellwood City, PA (named after Mr. Ellwood, one of the founders explained a helpful road marker). I love this marquee, it reminds me of the long-gone epoch also presented in the movie A Christmas Story.

Stopped in National Grind Coffee, for a blueberry muffin and really, really good iced coffee, and wifi.

From Ellwood City I took Route 351 across the Beaver River, which is a great ride except the bridge has fairly low side railings and it's a 200-foot drop, and I just take the lane - but I've never had a problem there, and it's not that long a span.

Rode through Beaver Falls, rode past DJ's Island and Geneva College, passed through New Brighton and then I came upon Beaver County's just-opened bridge. In Beaver County, you don't get the bridge you want; you don't get the bridge you need; but you do get the bridge you deserve. So now we have a brand-new bridge connecting the YMCA with Bruster's Ice Cream. Fabulous.

I did get rained on a bit over the last few miles, just enough to clean the bike but not enough to pose any discomfort. This was a really nice ride, 51 miles.

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