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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Downed Trees N'At, Leaderboard Top Ten

5.29.2014 #223 46m
Started off early today, parked under the Birmingham Bridge in case it was raining. Rode southeast on the GAP to the Waterfront, met a couple of cyclists who were riding out to DC. Near Boston PA, the overnight downpours had knocked a tree down across the trail.

Reversed at Boston, and the rain started once we passed Kennywood inbound. Stopped at Kelly O's for breakfast. Encountered the Market Square Farmer's Market, which was much more significant than I expected.

Stopped at Big Dog Coffee for some wifi and electricity, did a bit of geekwork.

So totally impressed at the increased presence (compared to 2013) of women riders on the Pittsburgh leaderboard for the National Bike Challenge.

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