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Thursday, May 22, 2014

ABB: Even Milk Runs Need Fuel

5.22.2014 #218 30m
In one month, the daylight starts getting shorter. You're welcome; there is no charge for this service.

Rode to a meeting with GC to work on his social media presence. Climbing Bucktail Hill, traffic was one-alternating-lane, so the normally complex climb with passing traffic was quite calm; thanks, tree pruning guys!

Spent an hour or so at Moon Starbucks tweeking his blog, was pleased to meet TK by chance, that was very nice. Finished what I was doing, packed up, started riding home. Crossed the Sewickley Bridge, proceeded via Beaver St to Ambridge. Decided to cross the Ambridge Bridge.

Originally intended to cross Monaca and take Route 18 past the WalMart, but I wasn't feeling any energy and then realized, hey maybe I should have eaten something, anything since breakfast. So I popped a honey packet and then ate a snack bar and began to feel better, but for a little while there I was ABB - All But Bonked. That was a silly place to put myself.

Took the shortest, least demanding route home and felt better to be off the bike. Memo to self: even milk runs need fuel.

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