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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Future Wheelmen

5/11/2014 48m
And somehow, May is 1/3 gone. Remarkable.

Started myself at the Bastille, joined R and S. We met a party of four itinerant cyclists at the Waterfront and escorted them out to Boston, PA. Riding through McKeesport, one of the cyclists wanted a picture of himself in front of the Olympic symbol (his colleagues work with the Olympics) and when two young boys rode by (David and Clayton) he invited them into the picture:

I thought that was very cool, because a lot of times there is no interaction between trail users and McKeesport residents. We continued with this foursome to the green train car in Boston and then bid them adieu and reversed.

Being about 1pm on Mother's Day, there were a lot of eagle-watchers and family formations on the trail. We stopped at Big Dog Coffee for caffeine and snacks, then we departed. A very nice day, met some nice folks. Saw: Charlie F, J Marko.

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