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Monday, April 7, 2014

Springtime Sunday

4/06/2014 #215 36m
Rode with my neighbor Jack today. We were supposed to ride early but he'd had some terrible news overnight, the death of a dear one, and we delayed it because he had a lot of phone calls to make. Later in the day he thought a bike ride was just what he needed and I know what he meant.

Started at the Bastille. Very pleased to see that the Casino improved on their impromptu temp-fencing separating their parking from the trail with something a bit more substantial, although parts of it are still just rope barriers - but it's solid, visible, and much better than what we had before.

Rode Jail Trail, South Side Trail, through the Valley of the Shadow of Eagles into Eagle-Central with is a bit of a jam. Which is a good thing, it makes all sorts of additional people trail users and trail supporters so: yay!

A lot of people on the trails which is also a good thing. I did have a little kid run out in front of me on the Waterfront trail and her Mom took it very seriously but it wasn't a big thing, really. The rest rooms at the Pump House are still locked.

Entering the Steel Valley Trail we encountered the regular cyclist with the religious imagery on his bike, I haven't seen him since last fall. Reversed at the Riverton Bridge. Stopped at EatNPark: rest room. Thank you.

Coming the other way, we got to see the two adult eagles in flight around the nest, that was cool. But when there's an eagle in motion, all the bird-watchers look up and their kids are generally unwatched, so it's a great moment for 4mph on the bikes.

Inbound on the Jail Trail there was a traffic jam on the parkway which was surprising for Sunday at 6.30pm, but we figured: baseball game let out. Jack said this was just what he needed. Nice ride, 36mph.

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