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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Unlocked: PMTCC Ride

4/9/2014 #217 31m
On my list of things to do for a year has been: go on a Pittsburgh Major Taylor Cycling Club Ride ride and today I got to do it.

Started out at the Bastille. Have to give Kudos and a Shout-Out to the folks at Rivers Casino for putting up a barrier-and-ropes partition between their parking lot and the trail to keep cars off the trail.

Rode down to OTB and met the group for the Major Taylor ride. Nice people, road bikes. We started out as a group of 14 and picked up at least one rider who met us enroute. Rode the Southside trail up to Station Square and ogled the landslide. It doesn't look like there's too much more land to lose underneath Le Mont.

West End Circle, West End City, Noblestown Road (which was a transition I was so glad to see, I've never been there). Quite a workout for me. Rode through Crafton, Ingram, and McKees Rocks. Coming out of McKees Rocks we took 51 back into town and it's a single narrow lane due to construction but that worked real well, the drivers behind us were very courteous and we pulled over halfway to let the cars behind us pass through.

Coming back into SouthSide one rider had a flat so a few of us hung around so as not to abandon him, then we continued to OTB. Departed OTB, took the corner at Hot Metal Street and encountered this cyclist on his wheel (riding Ninja, no less). Wow just wow.

Back to the car, 31 miles. Great ride. The PMTCC ride was a great workout, very nice people and I'll do that again.

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