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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cyclist Stand Your Ground; A Fountain Runs Through It

4.10.2014 #215 23m
Sort of a swirling day and a good day to get on a bike.

Saw a bit of car-bike bullying on my way to the biking. At the McKees Rocks Bridge and Route 65 intersection, a cyclist was being followed by a Blue Jaguar (PA license JCA2453) and as I arrived it seemed like the cyclist had stopped to pick up something he'd dropped, delaying the Jag driver who was dipleased and honking, shouting, and slowly inching forward as if to bump the cyclist.

I was two cars back and the cyclist seemed to provide the driver an opportunity of choice - would he, in fact, hit the cyclist? Finally the driver stopped advancing, more shouting, the cyclist continued, the Jag passed, and the traffic flow resumed. Didn't have time to take a movie.

Two thoughts, a moment later. (1) #JaguarJagoff is such a great hashtag. (2) Although I generally am not a Stand Your Ground Supporter, because anything ALEC supports I can generally assume I'll oppose, imagine if SYG meant: cyclists can shoot to kill any driver the cyclist perceives as a threat. Of course, that just plays to the same victim-revenge-fear-omnipotence fantasy that actual SYG laws pander to, but: BikeLobby!

Started out at the Bastille. Rode to Point State Park, back to the Bastille, out to Thick Bikes and REI.

Checked my phone at REI in accordance with The Law and saw that a friend had playfully tweeted my location in homage to High-Viz cycling. So much for my Secret Cyclist role with #Anonymous.

A lot of people on the trails today. A lot of people at intersections kind of stopped and wondering which way to go. It's good to have more people on the trails. (Keep repeating that)

The Fountain in Point State Park is operating again.

Had a cyclist riding behind me ask, "Wow what kind of tail light is that?" I love it when that happens. (Design Shine 600, btw, and I'm very, very pleased with it.

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