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Monday, December 3, 2012

WPW Night Ride in Robinson

12/3/12 24m
For a bit of something different, I joined a WPW group for a night ride from ~Robinson out to ~McDonald and it was a great ride.

I learned these folks were from the Robinson Trek every-other-Monday ride, which stopped meeting for the winter in mid-Bovember, except these riders didn't want to stop. Nice.

We met at 6pm and started (and later ended) on schedule. I was pleased to see J there who I've ridden with before. The entire bike-futzing and mustering was dark, and I was impressed at how well these folks were organized and night-ride-ready.

The weather was great, 60F. It started raining on the first half of the ride, but the return leg was dry. I used my 2watt LED headlight on the outbound, and my HID on the return. I love my PlanetBike Alias HID, but unfortunately the batteries are no longer available and when my battery finally tips into nuisance it'll be the end of that.

It was a real treat to ride with a new group that so very clearly have their act together - to the point of having post-ride apple pie and coffee at a picnic shelter. I like the way these folks conduct their affairs and it really isn't a surprise, the WPW are always a class group)

6630 miles ytd.

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