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Sunday, December 23, 2012

7 Seconds, 1 Mile, LOTD

12/23/12 11M 238#
First of all, lest I seem unappreciative, today brought +07 seconds more daylight than yesterday (Saturday) and I am very glad for that.

Today's 11-mile ride in 37F brings my annual mileage to 6999, 1 mile short of my this year's goal mileage, and I don't believe any of that Zeno's Paradox stuff about being unable to move to a concrete number.

Link of the day: Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Turtle Creek from today's New York Times, for a few reasons.

  • it's provides the basis for a review of group dynamics and decision making
  • it applies to group bike rides just as much as ski trips
  • it's a very well-told story, without judgement or over-analysis or blame
  • it really represents what a web presentation is supposed to be, it's extremely well done
  • it's an example of what a big newspaper can do on the internet that nobody else can
  • less seriously, because it provides an excellent demo of the new backpack airbags skiers carry for avalanches, and as I pedal around Point State Park to the Convention Center I've been thinking about getting a pair.
But for me, the reason I've found it most interesting is I've needed to focus on my own bike-decision-making lately, and this is an article that provides an example of good, experienced people who got swept up in event-inertia and seemed to (mostly) suspend judgement.

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