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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Faux Ho Seating, Soupaneuring-2, Bike Polo, Menorah Demo

12/2/12 29M 26M
Started riding with 51F at the Bastille. As we rode around Heinz Field we saw preparations underway for a Polar Bear Plunge activity on the shoreline, photo taken from the Ft. Pitt Bridge:

Also saw the stadium preparations for the HighMark Non-Profit Soccer Field at Station Square. I'm thinking, if they're buying naming rights to stadiums maybe they should be paying taxes just like the guy who owns a hardware store, but that's another blog post.

They're still installing the seats, today's status looks like this:

    Which leaves me wondering, what's the intent?
  • Will it spell Ho, Ho, Ho for the Highmark Unity™ Winter Holiday?
  • Is this where the Cleveland fans tell their girlfriends to sit?

A happy surprise, we encountered VeloMensch Yale Cohen riding his 2012 (Male) Bike Challenge Trophy over to the Bicycle Museum for a temporary display, Yale will be crossing 10,000 miles this year on today's ride. VeloMensch Yale Cohen

Saw this mural outside of St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church, beautiful artwork. The folks invited us in to see the interior artwork, it was magnificent. Very nice people.

Took this second photo of "Summer Harvest Goddess", a 2008 mural by Carolyn Kelly at 1800 East Carson Street. With the leaves down you can see more details, such as the smokestacks on the left side.

The rain started falling as we made our way over to the courtyard at Mallorca to take a picture of their mural:

It started raining heavier than we expected, and today was an opportunity to make the Soupaneuring-2 trip, so we stopped at the BeeHive to see what they offered. I didn't realize they had a Shepard Fairey mural there.

I had Tuscan Vegetable soup with a cafe au lait, very good. A bit of strum und drang among three customers who were drunk in a big way, a surprising unpleasantness at 1230 on a Sunday that left me rethinking the wisdom of stopping for soup at a coffee shop that's also trying to be a ginmill.


Following up on a tip by RedDan, found these murals on the 2300 block of Fox Street. An investor purchased the home across the street from this barren, rather ugly wall and planned to flip the property, so part of the makeover was they paid to have the mural painted on the opposite side of the street from their property, improving the view and the atmosphere.

Rode Ellsworth out to Shadyside, hoping to see muralist Anthony Purcell's gallery show but they weren't open. Reversed to take the Junction Hollow Trail to Swinburne Street, was very pleasantly surprised to seethe Pittsburgh bike polo Club playing in the basketball court on Boundary Street and Four Mile Run Road (they usually play in Lawrenceville). Mad skillz.

Jail Trail into downtown, photos at PPG Place:

Back at the Bastille, took an action shot of my DIY Menorah for next Sunday's Menorah Parade (Bikes Included)

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