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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Two Bridges, Two Starbucks: Living The Dream

12/4/12 242# 49M
A remarkably mild day today, 65F, and I took full advantage of it. Used the Sewickley Bridge and the East Rochester Bridge, and visited the Starbucks in Sewickley and Cranberry.

Aliquippa-Sewickley-Cranberry bike ride: Two Bridges, Two Starbucks

Started in Beaver County, rode Route 51 south to Coraopolis, crossed the Sewickley Bridge and stopped at Sewickley Starbucks. Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte, honey packets, a chance to observe the Beautiful People.

Departed via Beaver Street (which I really like to ride when departing Sewickley riding northwest), and then via the Red Belt (Ambridge Avenue and Big Sewickley Creek Road. Back in the day this used to be the main route of the Tour de Sewickley and it's a great ride.

I took Warrendale-Bayne Road, but turned off it a bit prematurely onto Innovation Drive and Knob Road when I should have used Brush Creek Road. Got to see a lot of open fields being made ready for higher-order-of-magnitude utility. Found Brush Creek Road, intercepted Commonwealth Drive, delivered myself to the Freedom-Crider Road Starbucks. Chai tea latte, a slice of lemon cake, and an electrical outlet to recharge the phone phumbilical: Living the dream.

Rode west at sunset on Freedom-Crider Road, everybody was very nice and copacetic. There's a chicane (a descending radius curve) just east of Snake Run that I really enjoy, and I was fortunate to get there at a moment when I had the road to myself.

Freedom, the East Rochester Bridge (aka Yolanda's Bridge, after the best pizza shop in Beaver County), and Route 51 back to the start.

This was a great ride, 49 miles, on the last segment my legs felt a bit leaden and dense and that was good, I haven't seen that in a while. All along this route today, drivers were extremely courteous and almost over-conservative in their passing decisions.

If I had widened the route a little bit, I could have included the Starbucks at Moon and Monaca. I'll have to do that sometime, call it the Four Starbucks Route.

49 miles. 6679 miles year-to-date.

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