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Monday, December 24, 2012

Goal Met, Soupaneur 4, Moss and Ice at the Koi Pond

12/24/12 22M 238#

Met S. at the Bastille at 1000 and rode south along the Ohio River. After one mile I'd achieved my mileage goal for the year, which is great and I'd like to thank all my riding buddies for helping me get there.

Continued around the stadia and out to the 40th Street Bridge, then turned to the STrip District and went to Kelly O's for Soupaneuring Stop Number Four. S had wedding soup and I had turkey pot pie soup. Mine was excellent- thick, hearty, hot, you actually could stand a spoon up in it for a little while. Excellent hot soup on a cold day, it was about 28F outside at this point.

Back on the bikes, Ft. Pitt Bridge to the Southside Trail, stopped at REI to use their floor pump, Hot Metal Bridge, Jail Trail, Ft. Duquesne Bridge, and a happy surprise as we met Marko riding on the Northside. Rode the Chateau Trail, stopped at the Dockmaster's House for this photo of the koi pond:

Back to the Bastille. 22 miles and my mileage goal made, hot soup on a cold day, it was a very good ride. Ten minutes after I drove away it started raining, timing was sweet today.