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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stoops Ferry to Keystone Metals

12/20/12 238# 38M
A great ride, 38 miles in 50F, mostly in rain, from Stoops Ferry at the north end of Moon Township to Keystone Metals by Sandcastle.

Started riding at the Neville Island ice skating rink, because that's where I needed to be at the end of my liberty to pick my daughter up. Rode toward the city on Neville Island, and a southeast ride almost always has a tailwind around here but today the wind was quite strong out of the southeast, so I did the work going out and had the benefit coming home.

Much the same route as yesterday, Neville Island to the mainland, McKees Rocks, Route 51 to Station Square and the trails complex, to South Side. At South Side I stopped at REI because I have a REI cash card for $20 that expires in two weeks. I purchased a pack of hand- and feet-warmers, and some chocolate-sesame snack bars.

I was very pleased to encounter Sara outside REI, "just" bicycling over from Oakland to do some shopping. That's very proto-nu-Pittsburgh, she's a very nice lady and sort of a live demo of what could be in a Pittsburgh 3.0 that embraces 2.0 wheels.

Continued down to Keystone Metals. Saw lots of activities and some very big men at the Steelers training facility. There was a satellite downlink truck and a reporter doing what reporters do while trying to stay mostly out of the rain.

No sign of much progress on the Keystone Metals portion of the trail. Got all blinkied up for the return leg and turned north. I was only a little wet over most of the body, but my socks and shoes were soaked.

With the tailwind behind me I got back to the car much earlier than I expected, so I continued further to Stoops Ferry and then rode back to the ice hockey rink. 38 miles, a very nice ride. I could have used a few towels to dry off after the ride.

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