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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Springfield to Mason Ohio, Little Miami Trail

Rode 56 miles from Springfield Ohio to Mason Ohio on the paved Little Miami trail.

Drove I70 west out of Pittsburgh with R and S. Parked at a Comfort Suites in Springfield which was very close to the trail. Started riding in the rain and rode in drizzle for the first ninety minutes or so.

The Little Miami Trail is in excellent condition, good surface, well marked. The first town we came to was Yellow Springs, a tremendous trailhead and a mural on the pizza shop complete with UFO, Sasquatch, Nessie, a Jackalope, an unknown monster-critter, and the local college.

The next town was Xenia which included a few blocks of sidewalk riding through the core downtown area. Saw a mural on the community theater on Detroit Street. There were two bike shops on the main drag. At the south end of town a few bike routes converge at Xenia Station.

Abeam Waynesburg we had planned on stopping at the Corwin Peddler for a mid-trip respite but we were disappointed to be told by local doyenne that they had recently closed. update: bad info, see next day's post! We snacked on the supplies we'd brought along and then continued.

I wish I understood more about what's at the adjacent Fort Ancient and although I've read the website I still don't get it. This is a pretty normal view of what the trail looked like once the rain stopped:

Does this make my hips look big?

Departed the trail on Grandin Road, crossed the river and climbed out of the valley. Our hotel was near the Kings Mills amusement park.

The Little Miami Trail is excellent. I can see building a future trip around it. There is much to be said for a paved trail.

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