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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Evidence of the Evil in Men

09/11/12 230# 24m

If possible, every blogpost should have a picture, a visual anchor - because you're reading this, it's a visual medium, and it works - take a look at advertising; pictures. Today's picture is awesome but it's on another blog, you'll have to look over at Fat Guy on an Orange Bike to see it, there's just no topping it. (spoiler alert) It's an after-action photograph of Colin Albright, a Pittsburgh bicyclist recently attacked by an irate driver. I might add, it's evidence of the evil in men.

I reflected on that for a while, then I checked out my favorite comic strip Yehuda Moon and found this:

and I thought, well that's enough of a hint, better go on the trail today, so I went out to the Montour Trail at Boggs.

Rode out to the West to a favorite shade-tree, loitered for a few minutes, reversed and rode home. An extremely pleasant (short) ride on a magnificent day.

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  1. That's brutal, and thought-provoking. I want to find some way out of that story, but can't.