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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Glorious Glide

231# 63m

Joined De, Do, and B in Confluence Pa for breakfast at Sisters Cafe. A good meal as always; took a photo of a few murals on their building.

Stopped in Confluence Cyclery for some jersey shopping and then we got underway. We rode east and climbed to Rockwood under skies that threatened rain, and occasionally there was a very light schpritzing, less than a drizzle. The best thing about the weather was the very cool temps.

Between Confluence and Rockwood we encountered this gentleman on a recumbent heading to Confluence to watch a friend participate in the Garden Tractor Pull. There was a lot of interesting aspects to his recumbent, but most interesting of all was the two carbon-fiber masts that support a Senz umbrella which he uses for shade. I'd never heard of Senz before - they're shaped like an airfoil and good up to 60 knots. It's amazing what's out there.

Took a break at the Rockwood trailhead and then started off to Meyersdale. Had second breakfast at the GI DayRoom, which IMO is consistently the best breakfast on the DC-Pittsburgh corridor. Rendezvoused with M and J.

The last seven miles from Meyersdale up to Deal seemed more moderate than the previous slope. We crossed the Eastern Continental Divide and then began the Glorious Glide, descending for 24 miles into Cumberland. The temperatures were cool all day but I changed into full-fingered gloves for the descent and I was glad I had them.

We checked into the trailside Fairfield Inn/Marriott, bike-friendly and very good as always. Had dinner at Crabby Pig, which was also good.

Trail conditions were excellent, the weather although threatening was good. The bikes did well and the company was good. 63 miles.

   Sept 15, 2012 Week 37
this week:
218 miles
  231#  3rd Qtr 2005 miles
17.9 mi/dayqtd
2012: 5023 miles

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  1. Hi man, ... i drop you a lil message just to THANK YOU ... i had the chance ( love story ) to go to Pitts ... and since, i miss it ( and the loved one ) ... you offer me the chance to look at it as it is now ... plus look at the great murals ( my former Love participated on one of them ) ... take care of you and your health ( mental and body ) ...