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Sunday, September 2, 2012

South Side Slopes and Mount Washington

09/02/12 234# 34m
Rode with S, started at the Bastille at 0630, moist and foggy after a heavy overnight rain. Ft. Pitt Bridge, Carson Street, 18th Street and climbed up 18th Street, which took me into a series of neighborhoods I'd never been in.

South Side Slopes Mural, 18th Street:

Mount Oliver Mural, Hays Avenue:

YMCA Computer Center Mural, Brownsville Road

"Carrick-A-Rede, Ireland" by Matthew Piper, 2002, at Minooka and Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh:

"Carrick Above Us"

Brosville Road Mural


As we came up to Mt. Washington we encountered GrandView Park, which I had never seen before. I believe it is the best location to view the city, really a spectacular viewpoint. A yoga class was forming up and we departed.

Washington's Survey, Scott Saloney, 2004

Flowers, Birds, Bees Mural by Ashley Hodder. Shiloh Street and Southern Ave, Mt Washington

Bloom, Gerry Tonti, 2007, Shiloh St. and West Sycamore

The descent down to the river was brisk and simple on McCardle, it was nice to be doing it on a Sunday morning with light traffic.

From the downtown side of the Allegheny River, looking north:

My previous photo of the restaurant Kaleidoscope and its murals wasn't very good, here's another attempt:

These are some student murals, at Plummer and Umpire Way, Lawrenceville, hung on a now-closed Giant Eagle grocery store.

Then we stopped at the 40th Street Bridge to examine the mural-in-progress and talk with the painter. So many of these murals are mysteries without any backstory that it's cool to be able to see the artist.

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