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Monday, September 17, 2012

Montour - Boggs Campground

09/17/12 229# 32m
Rode 32 miles on the Montour Trail with K, from the Boggs Trailhead to Georgetown Road round-trip.

This is the new campsite for through riders on the Montour Trail at the Boggs Trailhead:

As you can see, it's got a table, chair, fire pit, cleared area for a tent, and there's also a supply of firewood. For the Hennessy Hammock users like me, there's a few trees of an appropriate size and situation adjacent to it. It's a very well made camp site, and there's a trash can and a porta-john elsewhere at the trailhead. Unfortunately, the nearest water supply is two miles away, so there'll be a bit of water tankering going on until that changes.

We rode out to the south-west, and came upon a volunteer workcrew widening the trail and improving drainage at the plateau near MP19ish. They were talking about how the new QR-codes on the trail signs are generating verbal trail support messages, very cool.

Continued through the National Tunnel which is always very cool, and reversed at the new Georgetown Road bridge.

I was holding K back today, I'm not sure if it was the 55 miles I rode yesterday or what, he was very patient. I've still got something going on in my left leg that I haven't figured out.

Back to the cars and finished within 05 minutes of our planned return, and then I went to REI to buy new snacks for my bike bag, having exhausted them with the four Virginians yesterday (any excuse to go to REI is a good thing).

A very nice day with good company.

Later in the day I removed from clipless pedals from the Surly LHT and replaced them with platform pedals with toe cages. Crank Brothers doesn't, unfortunately, make a dual-mode or "campus" pedal that goes both ways. It'll be interesting to see if being freed from the clipped-in position is beneficial to my knee (I suspect Grant Peterson would suggest it).

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