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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sewickley, Ambridge, H2O

09/06/12 235# 34m
Rode to Sewickley for a lunch with a friend from school. The ride in was very nice, bright and warm with a pleasant breeze.

On the way back I encounterd this mural titled "H2O" by Andrew Vernon for the Ambridge Water Authority (AWA), who is proud to proclaim "We Make Things Crystal Clear":

At the time of the original painting, the mural looked like this:

As I was riding home, the three-lane road (Route 65) grew a fourth left-turn-only lane and I needed to turn left, so I moved into the left lane and a young man in a sport compact saw fit to mumble "f^ing crazy" as he drive by, inevitably stopping in another thirty feet for the red light.

Mindful of the events of the day, I pulled up next to him, he rolled his eyes left but averted his gaze, and I tried to do my best imitation of a lispy Napolean Dynamite "peace out".

I was pleased on the final climbs coming home to be able to remain in the middle chainring, I generally end up on the small chainring and I felt pretty good today.

For those keeping track, more Pittsburgh driver-on-bicyclist violence:
  • Tuesday night, a man drove his car onto a curb to hit a bicyclist standing next to his bicycle and then fled the scene. Remarkably, media coverage focused on whether the man, standing by his bike on the sidewalk, was (or was not) wearing a helmet.
  • Wednesday night, a man that believed a bicyclist cut off his car got out of the car and slashed the bicyclist's throat from his ear to his chest.

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