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Friday, September 21, 2012

Invasion Fleet, Terra Cotta Yinzers, PARKing Day, MC Escher in Greenfield

09/21/12 33# 231m
Started at sunrise at the Bastille, and as we rounded the corner after the Science center we encountered the well-known sterncastles of the Nina and Pinta moored on Pittsburgh's NorthSide:

Crossed to downtown, rode along First Avenue and found another Shepard Fairey mural:

And across the street we found what we were looking for, a courtyard sculpture garden of Terra Cotta Yinzers:

Jail Trail, Junction Hollow Trail, on Joncaire Street to see the Iron City Bikes mural, by L. Stock and T. Adoki, at S.Boquet and Joncaire in Oakland:

This is a commercial mural, but I'm including it BVOCD (by virtue of curator's discretion); located on Oakland Ave. and Forbes in Oakland.

Oakland mural, Sennot and Atwood Streets in Oakland, an MLK Mural by Kyle Holbrook and others

"Interpretations of Oakland", 3609 Forbes, a tribute to Mr. Rogers by John Laidacker:
Personally, I found the dissolution into red spheres a bit disconcerting and pseudo-sanguinary, and I wonder if the red/white flow isn'ta flirtation with the vision of Faustina Kowalska.

Pittsburgh playwright August Wilson in a Starbucks doorway on Atwood and Forbes

PARKing Day, FLOCK of CYCLES, Forbes Avenue. Mini-gold and sugar cookies. Got to see Marko, and meet Mr. Marvelous.

"All In A Day", 2345 Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill, by Leslie Ansley and Monique Luck:

We continued south on Murray and rode over the top of the Squirrel Hill bridge, I've never been south of Forward on Murray. Saw the Good Grief! Center which seems like a very cool thing which I'd never heard of.

"Connected" by Will Schlough, 4301 Murray in Greenfield, in a manner reminiscent of MC Escher:

Lunchboxes, mural at Hough's, 563 Greenfield:

Community Drug Mural, Greenfield Ave and Coleman St, Greenfield:

Greenfield - Hazelwood Boundary Mural, Greenfield Ave and Second Ave.

We joined the Jail Trail at Swinburne and saw volunteers working on the undergrowth along the trail. Continued north and encountered an ongoing hostage situation at Gateway Center, which was later resolved without injury.

We detoured due to the closed roads around the hostage scene, and tok the Convention Center Trail along the Allegheny. The Strip District was a bit over-crazy with Wholey's 100th Anniversay, so we avoided the main streets and worked our way past the 40th Street Bridge.

BikePGH's PARKing spot included bike registration, Bike-Toc-Toe, and some friendly bike advocacy chat.

This is the Allegheny Riverfront Greenway project's PARKing spot:

"Yarn Over Society", a group of militant Yarn Bombers, had a knitting park:

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