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Saturday, March 31, 2012

One Down (and enjoyed)

03/31/12 245# 35m 42F
Rode 35 miles, which brings my mileage this year (and this quarter) to 1014. An informal goal had been 1000 miles in the first quarter, so I've squeaked by that succeeded at that. I am not doing well on my weight goal, ending the quarter at 245 pounds, heavier than I started it; this is not a good thing.

Today I rode from Aliquippa to Coraopolis, stopped at Starbucks where it was warm and wifi-y and I really didn't want to leave to ride home but I did. This ride had 2.5 good hills and I enjoyed the work. A large portion of this ride is on State Bike Route S, which people in cars know as Route 51 and for all practical purposes it is a no-shoulder highway for about five miles. Everybody (driver-wise) is very courteous out there, but they should really not advertise that as a bicycle route.

Took the center lane at a major intersection with a left-turn lane, a through-lane, and a right-turn lane, and then a town policeman pulled up behind me. I was wondering if he was going to question my being in the middle of the road, but maybe my two rear blinkies and my Magic Orange TriangleTM convinced him I might be quasi-responsible or at least, trying to not get killed.

Passed by a tavern with a banner proclaiming Wednesday night "Bike Night", I think they mean motorcycles but I may have to go over with my Surly and my bike shorts, just for the photo opportunity if nothing else.

It was a very nice day for March 31st, 42F dry roads light winds and overcast, sort of gloomy, and it seemed inhospitable only in contrast to the recent Florida weather we've been having.

   3/31/12 Week 12    this week:
94 miles
   245# 1st Qtr 1014 miles
11.1 mi/dayQTR (wow-binary!)
2012: 1014 miles


  1. Congrats! I can't imagine riding that many miles especially during the winter.

  2. Congratulations are definitely in order! I owe you a drink!