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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Works in Progress

03/17/12 239# 33m 2h36m 75F
A truly magnificent day, blue skies and warm temps.

Took the road bike out again (with 700x28 tires), my LHT is back from overhaul but it's just so clean I hate to take it out on the trails. I'm sure that sentiment will pass.

Started at McDonald, at the trailhead under the trestle, and rode south. Passing MP20-ish there's a detour to Route50, and it really isn't bad it's just not the trail. On the other side of Route50 the trail is back to being it's old self and the National Tunnel was cool and quite moist. At Morganza Road you can see the construction of a new bridge:

This photo shows the construction in progress, it looks like the base of the bridge is ready on both sides and is awaiting the big flat horizontal thingy. (I ran out of engineering terms real fast there.)

A little further down the road you could see that the bridge project at Georgetown Road was in much the same situation, the sides look ready for the big flat thingy, but the steel is nowhere in sight.

Continued on the detour to the underpass by the golf course, under-and-over and back up on the trail. The golf course was a very lush green indeed. Continued along the trail to Farmhouse Coffee, which is just prior to the Bebout Road shutdown and detour.

Went to the Subway for a sandwich and drinks. There were three teenagers there with their BMX bicycles, they were quite adept with them, standing backwards and pedaling and doing some parking lot tricks. One bike was something I hadn't seen before, so before I left I asked them about it and I thought they were very kind to explain it to the geezer, it is an Impakt SideHack and is used to do tricks with a person on the sidecar-platform. It strikes me that if the dimensions were right, you could take the tyres off the wheels, fix the front wheel into position, and use it to ride on railroad tracks.

Back on the trail, quite a few people out today and a lot of them were wearing green. Lots of little kids on bikes which is always cool. 33 miles in 75F, not bad for St. Patrick's Day.

   3/17/12 Week 10    this week:
118 miles
    1st Qtr 836 miles
10.8 mi/dayQTR
2012: 836 miles
Weight: Sat:239 Trend: BAD

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  1. Love the pictures of my old town. Grew up in Peters. I think you guys have better riding weather than we do out her in SF right now!