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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Airport Connector

03/20/12 241# 44m
Magnificent Day with just all sorts of bike happenings. Today was my first day back on my Surly LHT after a major overhaul, a new drivetrain (chainrings, chain, cassette), new pulleys, some new cables, new tires (Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS348, 700 x 32C), new handlebar pads (Bike Ribbon Gel Pad, orange) and handlebar tape. The LHT felt great, much more comfortable than my road bike, and it shifted so cleanly with the overhaul and new components.

Today was the official ribbon-cutting for the Airport Connector on the Montour Trail, and there was a really nice turnout of probably 70 bicyclists, which is pretty good for an 11am weekday event. The magnificent weather didn't hurt.

I got to say hello to people I haven't seen in a while, which was cool. Rode with world-famous trail photographer Betsy, met Bud from the Warren OH trail, Janie from Grupetto Pittsburgh, and got to meet Bruce Wood, Gil McGurl, Paul Weigman, and the peripatetic Larry Brock.

I started at Garden Ridge (nee Wickes) with K, rode to Boggs to meet R, and then as we rode east we encountered S. & S. At the Enlow Ballfield we met about 70 cyclists with a wide variety of equipment types. The Major Taylor Cycling Club formed up the peleton and led us en masse through the airport connector to the ceremony.

Various dignitaries spoke, the sun shone, pictures were taken, cookies and pastries were enjoyed, and it was all good. Linda Boxx spoke well, as she always does.

I was given a "Great Allegheny Passage 2012" license plate for my bicycle saddle, they're a fundraiser for the GAP and will be available at the Pittsburgh Cycling
Expo this upcoming Sunday, March 25. (pghcyclingexpo.com) There's a very cool list of sponsors, that should be an interesting event.

After the ceremony we rode out of the airport, along with Larry and Betsy, and at Enlow we made a right and climbed up to Boggs just to add a bit of a ride. We took a break there and then descended back to Enlow, continuing through to Groveton and then reversing westbound. I got off the trail at my car this time, clocking 44 miles in 3h45m. A very nice day indeed.

And finally, my issue of Bicycle Times appeared in the (snail) mailbox, which comes as part of my membership in Bike-Pgh. better and better!

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  1. You have a Surly Long Haul Trucker! How exciting. I have one too and love it with a passion that's frankly not quite right given it's a machine. And aren't Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres one of the wonders of the age?
    Here's how mine looks: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3390/3215230595_37a88a3ed4.jpg
    All the best,
    Invisible Visible Man