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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tanline: Day One

03/13/12 20m 65F

Rode 20 miles around the city, from the Bastille across the Ft. Duquesne Bridge and the Ft. Pitt Bridge. Started off in shorts and a jacket, and shed the jacket pretty quickly. It was such a nice day, the sun felt good and it was a pleasure to ride in shorts and begin cultivating the tan line in accordance with Rule 7.

Riding south of Station Square there was new paint on the pavement marking the obstructions and rough spots, and further south I saw the culprits: two Trail Wardens on bicycles, marking trail hazards with spray paint and delivering a Bob-and-Ray type of banter on demand. If you know who Bob and Ray are, you're probably in the same age bracket as these gentlemen (we try to use the word bracket in blogs in March). If you think of Ray as Chris' father, then you're probably in my bracket.

Nice guys. One claimed to be the "warden of the jail trail", and the other was his spokesmen. I hope I'm out there on my bike when I'm 73 years old.

Rode the aeo-hgh trail, and was pleased to see more people using it, including a violin (fiddle?) player working some Celtic tunes - perhaps a budding busker? - and a fellow with his dog. The plaza is become civilized, and just in time, too because surveyors were ciphering along Tunnel Park and I suspect excavation will begin soon.

Rode down to Keystone Metals, when the sun came out and it went from being a nice day to a magnificent day. Reversed and rode north, took the Hot Metal Bridge. Stopped at the (still closed) bike rental shop to futz with a flat tire, then back on the trail, Point State Park with people laying on blankets in the sun, across the Ft. Duquesne Bridge and back to the Bastille. A very pleasant 20 miles.

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