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Sunday, April 1, 2012

12Q2 Begins and Velocio on Rain

04/01/12 243# 46m 48F
And so the second quarter of 2012 begins, with 46 miles on the Montour Trail.

I met K. at the former Wickes and we rode west, marking the unobtrusive near-camouflage of the fracking operations at MP16 and MP18. We rode the alternative trail north of Venice, and checked out the bridge construction in progress at Morganza Road and Georgetown Road, then reversed course.

About the last :45 minutes were in the rain, and while the conditions were certainly not epic they called to mind the wisdom of Paul de Vivie, writing as Velocio:
After a long day on my bicycle, I feel refreshed, cleansed, purified. I feel that I have established contact with my environment and that I am at peace. On days like that I am permeated with a profound gratitude for my bicycle. Even if I did not enjoy riding, I would still do it for my peace of mind. What a wonderful tonic to be exposed to bright sunshine, drenching rain, choking dust, dripping fog, frigid air, punishing winds!

It was a great ride, and we got off the trail in the last moments of twilight.

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