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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Not the best of weeks; not the worst of weeks

0 miles today. This was not my best week; an assignment that I accepted got the better of my timing and I missed some great weather to ride. I did get two great rides in with friends, and I did make progress with the bikes and gear, so the 2012 version continues apace with room for some positive-delta on the project management skillz.

Frazz, as you may know, is a comic strip by Jef Mallett that, on the surface, is about school custodian Edwin "Frazz" Frazier and the school where he works, but which, according to Mallett, is really about discovery. Some people believe that Frazz is the grown-up version of Bill Watterson's character Calvin, of "Calvin and Hobbes"; there are physical similarities and parallel developments. Frazz rocks, on many levels, and in the last few days the strip discusses the road-car-bike interface:

Road Rage

Moon Shot (Dedicated to Jason)

What we have here is a failure to communicate...

Wanton Lawbreakers!

   3/24/12 Week 11    this week:
84 miles
    1st Qtr 920 miles
10.9 mi/dayQTR
2012: 920 miles

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