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Monday, November 30, 2015

Tour de War On Christmas

Nov.30 2015 15m
I thought I'd take a Tour de  War on Christmas , just to check the zeitgeist. Started with my wife Karen at the Bastille. Saw a utility boat manuevering to dock, stopped to check out the small flight deck by the bow; they had a large octo-prop drone on board. They said they were using it to inspect the nearby railroad bridge. The future keeps arriving.

It looked somewhat like this, except the one we saw was bigger and more heavy-duty.

Checked out Heinz Field and Point State Park.

Took a look at PPG Plaza, and Highmark (nee Hornes):

Steel Plaza and the City-County Building:

Rode out to BikePgh to buy a jersey at their Cyber Monday sale. Espresso a Mano for coffee goodness. 15 miles, nice day.

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