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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Montour Trail Ribbon Cutting at 50-980 Flyover

11.11.2015 28m
Ribbon-cutting day on the Montour Trail at the 50-980 Flyover.

But first, published elsewhere: A modest proposal to fix Oakland car traffic

Parked my car at the McDonald trestle (Montour MP17) and rode out to Route 50(MP21) for the bridge opening ceremony. I was very pleased to see a new (to me, at least) tool and work-station at the Galati Road trailhead at MP20

The ribbon cutting was cool and had a nice turnout.

As often happens, the first riders across after the ribbon cutting were the youngest present, I think that's pretty cool:

Possible spoilers: the banner listed the 2016 project list for the Montour Trail, cool stuff.

Afterwards my friend R suggested we ride out to SouthPointe for coffee. It was a nice ride and a good workout.
out to SouthPointe for coffee. I thought, "southpoint" that's not a warning-name like SteepSlope or CrestedHeartbreak, but when we got up there I saw the name of their newest development phase: Zenith Ridge. That's a warning-name if I've ever heard one.

Rode back, which seemed much easier. At MP23.5, Ridgewood Drive, there's also a new tool station:

Met a gentleman named Tim who's a blog reader, that was very cool.

This is the ride across the new bridges as sunset approached. You may recognize Roy and Mary on the bridge deck.

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