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Friday, November 27, 2015

The Bridges of the Montour Trail

Nov.27 2015. 28m
Rode today with my neighbor Jack. We drove out to the McDonald Trestle to begin our ride, with the plan of seeing the new bridges at Route50/ Venice and also at Valley Brook Road.

It was a very nice day, 60F. There were a few people out, not as many as I expected but perhaps: Black Friday n'at.

As we rode this stretch I realized I kept crossing bridges where once there was an ersatz path down to the street, and an at-grade crossing, followed by a scramble up a hill to rejoin the trail on the other side. Not anymore; so many bridges.

I've put a circle over each of the major bridges on this trail segment. Most of them have only been opened within the last two years. Major progress.

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