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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ghost Bike Ride: Brandon Ortmann

Nov.14, 2015
4 miles
Recently cyclist Brandon Ortmann was killed by a hit-and-run driver while riding his bike from work to his girlfriend's place.

The police are hoping somebody in the public will report the vehicle/driver, so we had a Ghost Bike ride to bring a bit of media focus on the search. The North Fayette police were great and provided escorts, front and rear.

The Ghost Bike was placed on Stuebenville Pike at McKee Road.

Self-directed stupidity struck me once again. I put my bike back on the van's bike rack, and apparently did not have the toolbag strapped onto the rack. A photo showed it on my front rack when returning from the Ghost Ride, but it did not make it home. Stupid annoyance and an precious gathering of geegaws - my flat kit, inflator, tools, things like a Park tire boot, a magic-spoke, a small AM-FM radio, a first-aid kit, a bag of snacks. Argghhh.

Serendipitously discovered Transitsaurus, quite a find. It's a PAT street car, with drivers and passengers.

click to embiggen in a new window

Later in the day, Karen and I drove into town and took video of Chris and Beth's final Coffeeneuring ride using unicycles, on roads at night. We rode from Thick Bikes to Big Dog Coffee roundtrip. I'm amazed.

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