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Monday, November 23, 2015

buff day, Cutural District bike racks

Mon 11.23.2015 17m
Started riding at the Bastille, in 35F which made today the first day of the season wearing my buff, which is a thin woolen tube worn around the neck.

I was surprised to see a Postal Service truck on the trail, and even more surprised when I watched them deliver mail to a mailbox at the Dockmaster's house by the koi pond. Neither rain nor snow nor bike trail.. I guess.

Today's mission, besides enjoying the glorious cold sunshine, was to take pictures of new bike racks in the Cultural District for my work-in-progress Page of Bike Rack Sculptures. I really liked this one:

Down by 10th, I was happy to see this rig curbside. This is not your old-school Pittsburgh bike; it makes me think Times Are Changing.

This sign on the Penn Ave bike lane had me flummoxed; there was no evident reason for the bike lane to be closed. Turns out, they meant to say Cars Do Not Enter. I can't quibble too much with an effort to keep me from getting killed.

After the ride I went Southside for coffee at BigDog. The 20% coupon at REI expires today so I stopped by to cruise the multi-tool horn-of-plenty, replacing the one I lost in my big bike snafu last week.

I did notice a few new tents along the SouthSide trail set up as homeless camps. It's a cold time to be sleeping rough.

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