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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pittsburgh: Most 2015 Coffeeneurs

12.4.2015 Fri 14m
12.5.2015 Sat 17m
Friday was clear blue skies, 50F and there's just not a lot of that in December so K and I drove into Pittsburgh to ride. Yale joined us at the Hot Metal Bridge and we rode out to the Pump House (new parking lot! locked bathrooms!) and back. Great day for a ride.

Friday evening brought the news that Pittsburgh had more 2015 coffeeneurs than any other city. Another to add to Pittsburgh's plethora of Top-10 lists! I hope there's a trophy.

I mean: the Pirates didn't win baseball. The Steelers are unlikely to win football. The Penguins aren't likely to win hockey. I respectfully submit: only the coffee-drinking cyclists are carrying Pittsburgh Sportz forward.

Saturday I had made plans with my neighbor Jack to ride the Montour Trail Airport Connector. Saturday morning was cold and very foggy, but we ended up in the car driving out there before we realized maybe we should discuss the wisdom of it.

It was a great ride. Low visibility in the fog, probably 1/4mile vis, and the moisture seemed to accentuate the cold. Had the chance to stand near the 10L Approach Lights with them all burning.

We certainly had the airport connector to ourselves. It is a great facility, too bad it doesn't get more use. Also, it would be awesome if the Connector continued along the former Moon-Clinton Road to the intersection at Flaherty Run Road near Dicks HQ.

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