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Friday, September 26, 2014

Conflict Kitchen, Final Final Friday, and Pittsburgh Critical Mass

9.26.2014 #226 26m
It's been several days of magnificent riding weather. Started solo at the Bastille, took the South Side Trail to Hot Metal Bridge, then rode up Panther Holo to Schenley Quad.

Got something to eat at Conflict Kitchen, probably my last time to enjoy their Venezualan menu because I think they're switching to Palestinian food next week. It was very good - shredded beef, black beans, rice, sliced breaded plaintains for $8.

While I was eating I got to listen to the band warming up for their Final Friday concert from WYEP, and this is the year's last one so: Final Final Friday. Just a cool time to be sitting in the plaza

Joined the Critical Mass muster at Dippy at 6pm. Ended up with five riders. This was a short route but on one section of two-lane same-direction quasi-highway there was definitely lane taking and Massing. As increasingly happens, everybody cooperated quite nicely.

We did seem to identify a need for a crosswalk out of the protected bike lane, for cyclists making a left turn out of the bike lane after the Panther Hollow Bridge. I think that's part of implementation: nothing's ever comprehensive on the first pass.

Down Greenfield which was fun, up Panther Hollow, across CMU and back to Dippy; a nice short ride that finished in darkness.

Said hello to the BikePgh volunteers working the Bike Valet at the Final Friday concert, then went back to the Jail Trail, the Blvd of the Allies, Market Square, the 7th Street Bridge (checking for bike lanes, didn't find any) and the Bastille. 26 miles.

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