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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Panhandle Trail, Western Section

9/4/2014 42m
Boy I really needed to get out on the bike. I met R at the McDonald trailhead on the Montour Trail early, about 0730, and we rode out on the PanHandle Trail. (The two trails have an interchange in McDonald PA)

Trail conditions were excellent. We rode west, and in Stuebenville we stopped at world-famous Walden's Trailside Restaurant for coffee and eggs. Really excellent. Very nice folks.

Back on the trail, continued west to the final trailhead - or what used to be the final trailhead, as we noticed that the trail continued a bit further. New Trail! The new segment doesn't go very far, and it dead-ends without a connection to the local street grid, but it's trail and it's growth.

Reversed and rode east, which is mostly climbing. I'd promised myself a cold-drink stop in Midway, PA which I figured should be halfway back to the car - I mean, that's why it's called Midway right? Turns out it's only 4 miles from the Montour-Panhandle interchange. The cold drink was still wonderful.

42 miles on a day that was getting kind of warm as we got off the bikes.


  1. Does the Panhandle trail now go past the big gravel pile it used to stop at?

    1. Hello Jim, I'm not sure which big gravel pile you're referring to. It ends just east of Wierton, just north of Route 22. happy trails!