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Friday, September 19, 2014

PARKing Day Pittsburgh 2014

9.19.2014 28m #227
PARKing Day is about taking spaces usually dedicated to parking cars and turning them into mini0Parks. It's a national event, skewing towards New Urbanists, PlaceMakers, Complete Streets advocates, neighborhood/community partisans, architects and planners: the usual suspects. Also bicyclists.

This year, it seems like PARKing day broke out of the one-off parks with a themed series in Lawrenceville that together comprised a complete miniature golf-course; this was an extremely cool idea and well-executed. As before, the great majority of the PARKs were between the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers, with one or two on the southside - this year being CommonWealth Press (a perennial) and Thick Bikes (a first-time entrant).

I started riding in the afternoon from the Bastille with K., whose bike was making funny noises that I couldn't make go away so we pointed toward Thick. While the mechanical folks looked at her bike (front derailleur slipped down on the seat tube) we enjoyed their PARKing spot.

This is the best spot we saw today, and one of the best ever. Live sod grass (which was later used both in the neighborhood and also in a residence's garden project, no waste), comfy chairs, bike racks, umbrellas, a Mifi WiFi hotspot (major wow!), environmental music; the total package.

Departed and rolled across the Hot Metal Bridge (saw @Shadow), went to see the Mayor's PARK which was a beach scene, very nice. Rode outbound on the new Penn Ave bike lanes which I love. In L-Ville, stopped at Espresso-A-Mano for caffeine and a bit of putting.

Continued around L-Ville to Allegheny Cemetery, climbed up. Rode across Friendship to Oakland, down Junction Hollow and across the Saline St bike lane. (saw Ian). Over to SouthSide and OTB.

Coming out after dinner, made the mistake of choosing the 6th Street Bridge on a Friday night Pirates home game. Lots of walkers.

Parking day was great, wonderful weather, 28 miles.

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