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Friday, September 12, 2014

A New Day In Pittsburgh

9/12/2014 #225 29m
Great weather for a ride: cool, cloudy, low to no wind.

Started at the Bastille at 0630 in light mist. Rode across the 7th Street Bridge with S. on one of the new bike lines; loved it. Turned left onto Penn Avenue and joined the bike lane; love it2. It's a phrase that's been used often in the last year, but: # It's a new day in Pittsburgh.

Saw these small artworks on top of a larger, pre-existing mural across the street from Whole Foods in East Liberty and I believe these are by Charlie Batch.

Encountered this free mini-library on Amboy Way

Entering Squirrel Hill, pleased to see these neighborhood-themed bike racks.

Stopped on Douglas Street to harvest a few PawPaws, which I've been wondering about ever since I started riding throughh Paw Paw WV.

Out of Squirrel Hill,Rode through Schenley Park on the new bike lanes. Saw Scott Bricker and took up a bit of his time to say what a great job he and BikePgh have done on the bike lanes. (An overnight success after 12 years of effort). So pleased that at the end of the contraflow portion of the bike lane, there's a sign warning cyclists to get on the right side of the street. This is a major new thing in Pittsburgh.

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