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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let Us Rap In Sufficient

9/24 28m #227
Magnificent weather. Started at the Bastille with K in the afternoon, headed out to Shadyside for a seminar. Rode the Jail Trail and Ellsworth out, took a little longer than I expected but we were on time.

Got out at about 7.30 and rode over to CMU to see the Randy Pausch Bridge. Got lucky on a shortcut and popped out on the road down to Junction Hollow in the dark. Saw Mikhael at the trailhead coming out of the PMTCC ride.

Went over to OTB for dinner, always good food there. I ordered a chicken-egg wrap that instead of using a tortilla wrap, comes wrapped in Lettuce which is something I've wanted to try. The food was superb and the portion was generous; I found the "Lettuce Wrap Insufficient" for the task of holding and moving the package. I think: it needs bands of bacon around it. Ummm, bacon.

Departed around 9.30 for a genuinely dark ride back to the NorthSide on a beautiful night. 28 miles.

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