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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Grove City - Harlansburg Station - Beaver County

9.27 53m
Today I got to deliver a vehicle to my daughter in Grove City, so I put my bike on the back of the car and drove up there. Got to say hello, a brief conversation, then I got on the road.

I wanted to try a slightly different route than last time, so I dog-legged a bit on the initial segment. (last ride's route shown in gray).

Seen along Route206: Bike Route V for Vannevar?

Later on Route19 I failed to see and avoid a tremendous drain-hole that I put my front wheel into, it was a violent drop and bump. I'm still surprised that the bike rode through it. The decelleration knocked all the water bottles and my pannier off the bike. Note to self: don't.

After that the ride was outright pleasant. Coming into Harlansburg I encountered a completely unexpected bit of Yesterday Memorialized:

Then I rejoined my previous route. Hit the halfway point at the Route422 Sheetz, then Ellwood City and Beaver Falls. It was dark when I got to New Brighton and I was all lit up. I enjoyed the night segment of the ride.

53 miles, all the cars were very nice.

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