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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Won't You Be My Neighbor? And Pocusett Street

2.23.2014 219# 38F 23m
Rode with my neighbor Jack today, his first outdoors ride of the year as he prepares for the MS150. Great day for it, light winds and cool.

Started at the Bastille and took a familiar route: Ft Duquesne Bridge, Blvd of the Allies, Jail Trail. Poked around the Swinburne St. Trailhead and "the chute" to familiarize him because he hadn't seen that before, then across the Hot Metal Bridge.

Continued out to Keystone Metals. Got to see one of the eagles flying circles. Just another Sunday noon flier, drilling holes in the sky. The icepack I saw yesterday at the Valley of the Shadow of the Eagles has significantly melted and we were able to ride through. Rode down to Costco and reversed.

On the way back, saw a heavy-lifting helicopter working around the FBI building or the GetGo on East Carson/837. I think it was a Sikorsky Choctaw H34. So old school.

Not nearly as many people out today, funny what a difference of ten degrees will do. It was still a very nice day. 23 miles. Also today: Pocusett Street, Pittsburgh's first street turned into a ped-bike only street, how cool is that?

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