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Friday, February 14, 2014

Doggerel Style

2/14/2014 28F #216 6m
In honor of St. Valentines Day, some kicky verses that other people wrote:

(to the mayor)
Road bikes are red,
And fixies are blue
We need more bike lanes
We're depending on you

Roses are red
Bike lanes are green
We prefer separation
Because drivers are mean

Roses are red,
bike lanes are iced,
if they were treated,
wouldn't that be nice?


This was my first ride with the new Kool Stop Tectonic brake pads on the Surly. Now I'm no marketing whiz, but doesn't tectonic mean plates that slip, slide and cause disasters?

I've never been happy with the brakes on the Surly LHT. I've changed the mechanism, etc. These are the best brakes I've ever had on the bike. Color me happy.

Another big thing happening in Pittsburgh is Lyft, which is people giving others car rides for money, with pink moustaches (on the cars) and fist bumps. I'm getting in front of the trend by putting a pink moustache on my bike, now before all the cool kids do.

Took a picture of Sir Samelot with his Valentine's Day finest on. Rode around downtown. Traffic (car) lanes were pretty clear, shoulders and bike lanes were impassable.

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