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Friday, February 28, 2014

AARP Critical Mass of Dinosaurs

2/28/2014 #218 55m 28F
Well, to begin with, from Pearls Before Swine we have this visual explanation of the role of capes in the social hierarchy:

Started in the early afternoon at the Bastille in about 22F. Rode to the Swinburne Street trailhead and met YC. Rode out to McKeesport, just to the point of joining the Loop, then reversed. Back to the trailhead. Magnificent day, blue skies, not much wind, rather cold though.

Met several cyclists (total: six) at Dippy the Dino at Schenley Quad for Pittsburgh Critical Mass. Curiously, it's probably the highest average age ever for a C-M ride; only one of us was less than 50 years old. Just another group of old white guys, taking it out on the poor schlep drivers of America. Photo, "Dinosaurs", by PaulH:

The C-M ride was great. We rode from Oakland to the Point, and hung out a few minutes. General disapointment that the rest rooms were closed. Photo by PaulH:

and then returned to Oakland, without incident or casualty, which is always nice.

Rode back into downtown. Stopped at Market Square to take pictures of Congregation, which is a cool light show involved computer recognition of where people stand on a "dance floor" in response to computer-projected light cues, and then software draws lines between the nodes of individual positions.

Rode back to the Bastille at around 9pm, had the trail to myself.

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