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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Reflections: What a Difference A Day Made

2/1/2014 #218 22m 35F
Started at the Bastille with a promise of a warmer day and the forecast held true. What a difference a day made in riding conditions.

Rode around down to the Ft. Duquesne Bridge in a bit of sleet/sow, and rode over to Point State Park. Took a picture with Fred Rogers admiring the LHT from across the river:

Rode around Wood Street and the "academic village" for a bit looking for a mural; no luck. Went outbound on Fifth to Gist Street, where it looks like James Simon has signed this artwork at Gist and Fifth:

Rode over to Sir Samelot, no V-D decorations yet. Alas. Rode up Kirkpatrick Street, which I've never done before, into the back end of the Hill District and checked a few murals. Came down by the hockey arena, inbound on Fifth, knocked around downtown a bit. Rode the Jail Trail out to the Hot Metal Bridge. The wind was calm, so where the ice had melted there were some good reflections off the river surface.

Continued northwest through the SouthSide, joined the trail near Station Square looking for some more river reflection photos. This is Heinz Field.

This is cool, you can see the seamy underbelly of the Ft Pitt Bridge in the reflection on the water.

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