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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weather is a Cruel Chain-Puller; also, Madame Guillotine

2/25/2014 #218 29F 18m
Managed a short ride with world-famous cyclist YC from BigDogCoffee out to the Phantom's Revenge and back, sort of wedged between a client meeting and an evening class.

It was a very nice ride, not much wind and a few other cyclists were out. Riding with YC is always an education.

Highlight of the trip was coming across a guy wire strung horizontally across the Waterfront sidewalk, about six feet above the ground, securing a plastic tarp on a worksite to an adjacent sign post. That really could have guillotined a cyclist so (after we took it down) we went into the business and explained why they shouldn't do it that way tomorrow. They were very understanding about it.

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