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Monday, February 10, 2014

Top Pick and Fly6

2/10/2014 20F 12m #220
Today was not a great weather-day for riding, it was a bit cold but I had such a Jones to turn the pedals that I had to get out and it was great.

I did have a moment on a big downhill to reflect on the wisdom of ski goggles, which I've never used, because I found myself closing one eye and then the other to avoid having pain in both eyes due to the cold in the descent. At the bottom my forehead was aching from it. Next year I might invest in some ski goggles, all the cool kids are wearing them.

Took a simple loop through town and around the obligatory W-Mart. Stopped at the Credit Union and went to use the interior ATM machine because I wasn't sure my fingers would work at the outside machine. Pro Tip: Don't enter the Credit Union or other financial institution wearing the balaclava. Trust me on this.

Departed and rode home uneventfully which is a good thing, and 12 miles done. I feel like I'm shortchanging my audience on this blogpost, so I'd like to leave you with this KickStarter video for the Fly6, a rear blinkie with an integrated video recorder. The video is titled, Top Pick and comes via Jon Webb.

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